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2017-07-02 20:26:05 (UTC)

Nephew's birthday party

Hi there!

I had a break from my diary again. It just happens... It is because I find my life so dull that I don't feel like writing sometimes.

Well, yesterday we went to my nephew's birthday party. As always it was all decorated but this time with mickey mouse character. I barely saw my nephew but my brother came to say hello to us. My parents were a bit upset with him because of a lot of reasons... My brother is a strange guy. He almost divorced his wife because she found out he betrayed her. However, he denies it until the end. Then he wanted to kill himself and end his life, so tragic... Then we all got involved in the drama of his married almost divorced life. His wife came here and made a theater of their relationship. It is was ridiculous to watch the whole thing because I knew she wasn't being true about divorcing him because I think she still loves him despite what happened to her. Anyway, there was a lot of gossip in the family. So, in the end they didn't appear anymore in my parents' house until we went to my nephew's birthday party.

This morning we had a nice lunch at my parents'house. He prepared the whole lunch and barbecued some meat. So, I spent the morning talking to my father mainly. My mother as always made herself busy with cleaning.

I find Sundays boring in the afternoon... It has been something I intend to change in the future. I am always talking about future and I know it can really take sometime but in the end I have hope. I am getting old and that is not good... ha ha ha My life is stuck at the moment but then I don't feel like changing it. I think I got used to my little world. Otherwise, I had changed it.

Tomorrow the cleaner is coming here. Today I washed some clothes and I still need to tidy a bit the house but then I can do it tomorrow morning. I have ironed as well. So, it was a bit productive the day.

I had my haircut. It is OK again. I used to have long hair but now it is a bit shorter.

Right now, I am bored... I had my shower and I have eaten. I still think I should be avoiding to eat too much. I should walk again but I am lazy to do that. I am wearing my pyjamas... It is only 5.23 p.m ha ha ha

We had a beautiful weather... I hope tomorrow is going to be like that again.

So, for now that is it! I will write when I feel like again...

Good energy to all of us!