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2017-07-02 18:19:38 (UTC)

Sunday and this week

Tomorrow I will need to make some appointments for him. He needs to go back to the doctor about his eyes. Now the other one is bothering him and he is concerned about not being able to do his job. So, I will call and try to get that set up as soon as possible. He also wants me to make him an appointment to get dentures. HUH? He wants to have teeth? What is up with that I wonder? He has been eating like an old man hillbilly type who has a lot of motion in the jaws...very nasty looking. But he come home yesterday with his hair shaved off and that beard is gone. Now he wants teeth. I think he has noticed my pushing away from the hair. I said something to him about his constant scratching of his head. He thinks it I dandruff. But when it looks like that, the way it did before he cut have to wonder. Now, it is gone and he wants to get dentures too. I think hope he is doing this for himself and not me. It is something I have wanted to see for years. Signs of life. Signs of giving a shit. He finally is showing signs that he is still in there somewhere. So, we will be handling many things this week.

If he is losing his sight, he is concerned that not being able to work and already drawing social security opposed to signing up for disability or not being too do so now. I am not sure about any of that and we will ask about it if the issue come up. Him going blind? I would try to get him some cannabis oil if that is the verdict. We can not have that.

My knee is not as sore or swollen today. But still hard to walk. I also hope to get that surgery scheduled soon too.

Decided to hold off on taking photos or creating more post cards. The boss is doing his thing and getting his own listings, so I will
just hold off for now and wait till I am able to get back out there. For now. I am homebound.

But feeling hopeful for real today.