2017-07-01 11:56:11 (UTC)

Still thinking of you

Since the last time we meet, it has been a month. You need to work and I need to get my project done. But I'm still thinking of you every morning when I wake up and before going to sleep. I didn't really text you every day because we are not in a relationship, we are just friends for now and I'm scared that you would think of me as a nuisance, pestering you all day long.
But I will try to pull our distance closer little by little so it would not be wired and I don't have to look for an excuse to text you.
I have to wait for another 2 months before I am able meet you again. I really want to find some time and chance where we can be alone and chat like normal. I just that chance to know you more and better. I had it, but it was just a 5 minutes though. I was quite happy that you told me, but also hurt at the same time as you are in pain and there is nothing I can do to help as I'm not a doctor.
The only thing that a girl like me can give you is some comfort and lend an ear to you.
I hope I can give you more when when I am more independent and capable later.