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2017-06-30 22:46:39 (UTC)


Mood: tired
Song: Say you won't let go by James Arthur
Mood: Just exhausted physically, Emotionally Mentally

Gene McClendon
July 24th 1936- June 27th 2017.
A good changed man whom i love very much.
Sweetest, hardest working, kind hearted,
Always there when you needed him.
who is and always will be family to me.
I was honored to know you and to be a person that you cared about.
i won't waste the time i have and i won't forget about you ever.

Why is it when someone passes away that the mind scrambles to remember all the little details and stories....as if because they are gone all the memories of them go to... when that's not how it is.
I mean right now i only have two specific memories that are coming to mind... but i know that's just because i'm sad and tired and all that. this isn't the first person i've lost and i know from experience that you remember things at different times, all the memories are there and when your not so upset they come back and different things will spark the thoughts of a person.
I have had so many conversations with Gene, i have literally known the man about 14 years...
i've spent countless hours with him.
But grief messes with the mind and it scares you into thinking your forgetting things that you actually rationally arent.

Just breathe....