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2017-06-30 18:02:25 (UTC)

Holy good day I far

Okay, it do not start jumping up and down yet. I had to go jumping threw hoops to get here to where I am today. I decided what the hell, I am going to call that Pineville surgeon doctor back and make an appointment. Fuck risking my life doing back and forth there with the old man driving. Just do it. Waiting any longer is not an option. I need to get back to things around here.

So, I looked for the number and as organized as I am, I must have tossed it in the trash when I decided to wait till Medicare to kick in so I could choose my own doctor. I did not recall his name or anything. So, I resorted to going to my insurance website to locate him or anyone that does knee replacements and takes my insurance. I did not write down my password. SO, I go through a world of shit to get logged on. Then I begin my search. This happened before. No wonder I did not note the damn password. I was given a list of surgeons from Danville Va, where I was born and no where near here. I live near Charlotte. Okay? So, I called the number and waited for the rep to pick up after listening to many robot messages....almost went to sleep. Fine. He tells me how to change the I did that and he confirmed that many doctors around here take my policy. Matter a fact, most of them are associates with the office I been going too. So, I went to their website. Then called them. I had a choose of going to downtown Charlotte or right up the road to Huntersville. I choose Huntersville. We are accustom to that area. He had his first hip replacement there. So....that is where I will be going.
NEXT WEDNESDAY!! Which is also our anniversary.

Finally feeling so much better just knowing that.

Then he brought in my new contacts. WOW. I have them in now and since they are a new type that allows more air or moisture to remain...she said I would be able to wear them better. Hoping that is true. So far, so good.


Big brother time....