2017-06-30 10:35:51 (UTC)

Am I really in love?

It has been a year since I knew you. I was just treating you as a friend.
But I just don't know why, my feelings for you started to change.
Initially I thought I was my mistaken. But after a great deal of thinking. I found out that, it was not a mistake.
When I heard you got hurt, I was sad, and tried to care for you.
Even when I was going through my exam in the hall, I was still worried about you whether is it OK to leave you alone for the project?
Will get hurt again? Will be too exhausted or too tired?
It's just, I don't know how to explain this?
A friend of mine asked me why do I like you? And my reaction was, Do I really need a reason to love someone?
I know up to my age now, many should have been dating for a few years or have dated several times, but I only dated once and it was a long time ago.
I know some other girls are also interested in you as obviously you made your name and probably you already have someone in your heart.
But as long as your are still single, I'm not going to give up until you officially rejects me.
And by the way, just in case you want me to give you a reason why I'm in love with you?
My answer will be: " I love you is because it's you."