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2017-06-29 19:21:43 (UTC)

Feeling like crap today...but hopeful

We took his truck today to the garage. I followed him so he can pick the truck up tomorrow. We rode by a lot my company listed yesterday so I could take a couple photos. I need them to get it in MLS. We rode by a drive thru to pick up lunch. Then back home. When he walked in here to tell me he was ready to go, I said I will be right there...give me a minute. Then I took a quick shower and got myself pulled together. He had time to start his truck and let it run to warm up. He always does that. I was hurting very bad. Not sure how I was able to manage getting the photos. we even rode by the US National Whitewater Center so I could get a shot of that new sign. The property is near there and I wanted to add a new one of the sign.

By the time I got my shoes off and back in the recliner, the knee was throbbing. I just about can not take this. We sat and discussed this situation a while. He is okay with me doing the surgery now, although I am still hoping the next shots work better to ease off the pain a bit.
Time will tell.

I go pick up my contacts tomorrow. I really hope these new ones work. I am sick of the glasses although the new prescription is awesome.

He wants to order a pizza today. That Papa Johns new 30% larger deal is what he is dreaming about. Sounds ok with me.

I got very little sleep last night. I had a old friend call me at 7am this morning and left a message. I am so glad I had my phone cut off. Lord have mercy. Who calls people that early? She is the one who is related and or friends with the mouth runners who I assume are talking about me and saying very nasty things. I predict that they are the ones who turned my husbands family and my sons dad and his side of the family and my daughter all against me. I can not even repeat it. I just wish they all had the good sense to realize that one, I would never do anything like they are saying willingly. Who would? No one I know and certainly not me. Now, if I was drugged and did not have control or was passed out and had no control? They are not taking any of that into the picture. Just a situation where they can run that mouth about me. And no one, not even this friend who called here this morning have said anything in my defense. The people involved in this incident should have been arrested for what happened to me. Instead. I am a horrible nasty woman with zero morals apparently.

Oh well. Too bad I did not enjoy being raped.