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2017-06-28 16:19:39 (UTC)

New time to worry

After thinking about the heavy pm traffic we would have to deal with on our way home, I decided to call and change it. So, I go in three weeks at an earlier time during the day. I am hoping that by then, I have had a knee shot and can go alone instead of having to have him to go. Another thing that concerns me is my need to discuss some sensitive matters with the doctor and I do not want him in on it. I will be changing all my who can be talked too and who can not be talked to about my records at the office. I do not recall how I set it up.

After dwelling on that unfortunate event in my past, I have to tell her if she can not figure out on her own what is going on or what may be causing the pain. I was asked by another practitioner at a appointment a while back directly "have you ever been sexually assaulted"? And I said "no". I was concerned about who was privy to that information. And I may not tell this doctor either. We always have to sign these privacy statements which say we are allowing them to reveal our information. Who too? Am I going to hear about his horrible thing on the 6 o'clock news? Will it be on the front page? What? Who? Why? Some things this private should stay private and the threat of it not being so is most likely a reason many women do not report sexual assaults. And that is what it was.

What woman would ever choose for something like that to happen to her? Who in their right mind would think that? This first thing I would think about is her and what in the hell did they do to her to get her in a state where she could not get up and walk away from this? I would also wonder how many other women have been treated this way by these people or this man? Who in the hell would agree to witness this, participate in it and even admit to being present? I would wonder about what type of person that is and the level of character they have. I was a victim. Not a partner in crime.

Sick of this place and the lame ass people in this town. I hate it here more and more each day.

I ordered some hemp oil from one of my daughters friends today. Not much. Just wanted to try it. Then I contacted my expert on the subject and explained to her what it was and what website she was getting it from so she could examine. She did and then we talked on the phone a while. God I love that woman. She is trying to make a difference in the world. She told me where to go online to watch a clip on how to make my own cannabis oil. Apparently Hemp and cannabis are two different things and provide different results.

I went on line and watched a video where Rick Simpson shows just how to make it using a rice cooker. I certainly can not cook rice even in a rice cooker, but I can make this life saving medicine. I have an idea that I will need this soon. Probably before the year is over. I need to get a rice cooker, some everclear or benzene and order some plastic syringes. And of course the main product. Which will take a while.

But if need be. I will be ready.

Today was a bad day for me. I am so sad and disappointed. My knee is giving me so much trouble. I really will have to wait until after the first of the year to get the surgery. By then, I will probably just get them both done. That was the plan.

I went on Kohl's site and ordered some gowns to wear while laying around and a couple more maxi dresses. Maybe when they arrive I will feel better. I look at it as a boost to my mood. Looking forward to it. I used coupons. All that stuff was only 154 bucks. I was shocked at that.
I did not get the rice cooker. I want to find one just like in the video. So, I will have to look at second hand stores if I am able to walk. time will tell. But I will be able to make it. I made the butter once. It turned out horrible. Made me sick on my stomach. Wasted all that weed.


I am stoked.