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2017-06-27 15:05:15 (UTC)

Another messed up day

Thanks to the most ridiculous insurance we could possibly have or ever have, I am still without no knee surgery scheduled. We decided to pay the out of network price and just go to the doctor I originally choose with confidence of others who told me they had great results with him. Well, my insurance is so sorry, that they do not even accept it for out of network. So, after talking to them, I am asking the other doctor to send my records to them for him to "review". I told them I could schedule surgery in December if I can hold off that long. So...I can still go back to other doctor to get shots if she will allow it. I am sure they will.

The eye doctor was a treat. She actually filed it using my insurance under medical to save me money. I pick up contacts to try on Friday since they had to order them. My sight has changed a bit just as I suspected. I still need to figure out how to get the lens changed. We came home to allow a couple Alieves in my system to start working so I can go to the mall with his help to see about getting the lens changed.

I want this handled today. I go to the GYN tomorrow. So, that is another mess.

He told me he starts work again in Sept. until end of the year. He said he can stay home instead to take care of me if I need him too. avoid missing out on that money from him working...I am hoping this new plan of more shots and using a local surgeon after his job ends will work out.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring...but I do know I will be hurting like a muther fker when that appointment is over.

So, if she finds something that needs to be addressed....we will figure that out soon too.

Feeling exhausted.