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2017-06-25 13:28:28 (UTC)

Tryon, NC

Outside of my home and the area I currently reside, Tryon NC is the closest place to here that I would love to live. Visiting there from time to time will remind anyone what years gone by gave us and this small town has it all. There is a older movie theater, art galleries, great places to eat, places to take art classes and horse riding places nearby. It has it all. Always cooler being so close to the mountains. The neighboring town of Saluda is a short ride up the mountain and there are many times where you can look up and see snow on that mountain top where Saluda is and it not be snowing at all in Tryon or Columbus. I love it there.

I went into MLS to check out the property prices and what is selling in that area. It appears to be a hot spot right now. Rising price has not slowed down the number of properties sold. It would be a wonderful idea to go there, rent a place for a few months, get the feel of the land, the people and make the decision to stay there or just visit. I can be involved in Real Estate there if I found a place to join. I could actually work alone there under the company I am currently associated with.

The air there is cleaner. The people are friendlier. A good change. An hour and half from here, so not too far. But far enough.

I want to go there so bad. I will have to wait till the knee replacement is over and whatever else I have to endure. But having a plan
toward a better place is a making me feel so much better. I checked out rental property too. I found a place I could afford to rent.
I could fill it with new furniture, set up house keeping...and live alone or he could go with me. As much as he complains about traffic here, I think he would love it once he got used to the route to the grocery stores....good food....and a town you can take a walk in and people say hello back to you when you speak....around here, not so much.

GOD please help me get there. I know this is home.