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2017-06-25 05:00:11 (UTC)

Weddings and imaginings

Mood: Tired
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Color: Red

Dylan and Hannah's Wedding was today.
I'm happy for them.
But cynical for myself....i can't see that in my future.
Not that i don't want it, but on the other hand i can't imagine it.

I mean it's hard to get close to me, i'm not close to anyone who hasn't known me for 10 plus years and i'm not close to some that have known me 10 plus years.
I don't trust easy and i don't open myself up to people easy...so being close enough to someone that i felt that i could marry them and spend the rest of my life with them...gosh i feel like it would take so much time... like i'm 23 in 4 days....
Single with no prospects for a relationship, then when one comes along, should one come along, that person is going to have to really care and stuff cause it's going to take me a while to trust them fully with my whole heart and open up to them.

I listen to other peoples problems and other peoples vents and rants and i'm there when someone else needs someone...
but me? i don't really come to people like that very often...i've been burnt before and it's not fun.
Life is too short to stay in that mind set though... i want to be happy and i want to be open and i want good friendships and good relationships....
What will be will be.