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2017-06-23 15:31:32 (UTC)

Dealing with new truth

Although I have not discussed my recent truth awakening with anyone but here, I am still thinking about how to handle all this new
opening of my eyes to my life, my friends and family. Been looking at property in areas I would not mind relocating too and it is not the beach people...not the beach. I found some great place up toward Lake Lure and Black Mountain. Oh my goodness. If only I could convince him to move. We could be out of here looking at these places. Saw one property that is a little bit bigger than this one, but has 6 acres including a 2 acre pond....with a outdoor area to have large cookouts...and bond fires. It would be so great to sit out there with a cup of coffee smelling the cool clean mountain breezes. He won't ever go for it, but a girl can dream. Yeah, I can still dream. And my dreams will not include anyone who has the nerve to betray me and talk behind my back turning people against me. I am done with the silly jealous losers who I have unfortunately attempted to help through out the years only wasting my time and money doing so since none of them have amounted to much more than what they were. Losers in the first degree. Think about that hoarder show. Yeah, them people. The ones who do not understand how to keep it real....keep it usable...and keep it clean....livable. If not for people helping them, they would die in their own fetus. Sad but true.

Those people will never get minute of my time. I need to be where people want to update their lives, their homes and move on up to something better instead of staying in a stale nasty moldy infested environment. I am a realtor. I will focus helping people who really want to change their lives...and move up in the world.

So, I have been checking out areas here in NC where property is sold at higher prices and the quality of people is higher too.

My goal now is to move on.
My goal now if to leave the crap behind and continue my life trying to be a good person and learning from the
mistakes and the ugliness. I will no more be lead into the pits of hell. The fire is out. I will walk above all that...
and the sinners who want to see me fail. I am too much better than any of them. I am not working for free.
Charity cases have no future, no money...just time to waste. Waste it with someone else.