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2017-06-22 13:50:06 (UTC)

Deactivated once again

It is getting easier to just stay off facebook. Nothing there much anymore that keeps your attention unless you are a liberal, racist, redneck, religious fanatic, or puppy rescuer or a cat lover. Since the election, I started deleting idiots anyway. Many were blocked also. I have a bunch of new friends on there that think more like I do at times, but I am not really friends with them. They sent me friend request because they liked something I said somewhere. Whatever.

I think most of the people I do know that are on there continue to disappoint me. I want to defriend them just to get away from some of the nonsense they post. Good lord. One, who I have known for over 45 years...smoked pot every day of her life....wasted most of her adult life using her parents for drug money...she wasted the best years of her life up some guy who was younger than her daughter keeping him up...and when all that was gone, parents deceased, young guys gone too.....she is left with nothing. I know damn good and well, I have never seen her inside a church, but now, she is playing the role of a glorified Christian who responds with replies on post I have made with if she is talking in tongues. HEAL THEE BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS...I REBUKE THEE....bla bla bla...constantly. I have deleted most of them if they did not really apply. One thing is this. It is being fake. If she was a Christian and lived for the lord, then why not admit the sins of your own self before trying to make people believe you are a saint suddenly? I can usually tell that people who bring GOD into things unless they are preaching a sermon are usually hiding behind the words they speak. GOD BLESS YOU.....said so much by the man who molested one of our kids. GOD BLESS YOU.....When I hear that, I want to slap someone in the face. I TALKED TO JESUS THIS MORNING AND HE TOLD ME THAT....bla bla bla. One, you did not talk to Jesus. And Jesus does not surf the net nor does JESUS have a facebook stop trying to make us believe you have conversations with him. If you really think this, you are hallucinating. Get some help. GOD I hate Facebook.

I can deactivate it. Others on there that get on my last nerve are these women who tell every thought that goes through their head. Are they all of a sudden a damn philosopher or what? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT IF YOU MOPPED THE FLOOR AND WASHED THE CLOTHES AND PAID SOME BILLS AND PUT DINNER IN THE OVEN. And for the love of GOD, please do not post photos of yourself standing in front of a damn mirror in our fucking bathroom. these people. You are not a damn photographer. And just because you think you can sing....please stop posting clips of you trying too. You can not. Men do this also in an alarming amount. Sad to watch.

Facebook should be called FOOLSPAGE. LOL

I called and cancelled the appointment with the surgeon. I have shit to do next week....which will help me ease some concerns or at least get some answers. I did call the eye doctor trying to get in there. I am sick of not being able to see. So, should be hearing from them soon.
Hoping to get in there soon so I can go ahead and change these glasses. I can not even read the writing on the tv with them on.

So, what else? Yes, I have had something on my mind a lot lately. Something bad that I keep having memories of. I am about convinced that about 15 yrs ago, someone put a roofie in my drink....I can remember bits and pieces. And it involved people I knew. I am hoping it is just a memory of a nightmare. I hate to think I am the victim of something like this. Something totally disgusting that I dare to even speak of. It is that bad. How do you realize if it is true or not? Do I need to talk to a therapist? What? It is bothering me so much. I am scared someone has been gossiping about it...and people all over know about it....and think I wanted this to happen....instead of being told the truth that I do not know about it.....if it happened at all. Who is too blame? I do not know these people that good....not well enough to tell anyone who they are.....

it was during a time things were going real good for me and the loser people in my life were probably jealous hoping to ruin it all for me...
and by doing something this horrible....could ruin my life....personal then now and forever. Why? I am afraid to bring it up.
IF it is true, I would rather them think I do not remember it. If I remember it enough to ask about it, they may think I enjoyed it or wanted it.
I am a very shy woman. Trust me on that. I would have never even thought something like this...much less plain it or go along with it....

I am so bothered by it.
And I will say this. Every single person who I knew then...where I was....the one person who should have stopped it....
and anyone else that I can recall....even if it is just a nightmare....and maybe the nightmare is a warning to me that these
people do not support my success or me. I am weeding them all out. I do not need friends who would allow such a thing.

If it did happen....or not. they are all history.