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2017-06-21 12:07:45 (UTC)

Cold again

Good morning!

It is another cold day here. The temperature is around 8 degrees Celcius... For us it is quite cold and it is not sunny.

I had a miserable night of sleep again. It is better to say I could not sleep. I was thinking about a lot of things... Eventually I fell asleep but woke up around 5.30 a.m.

My daughter is at school. She was so tired I guess she is not used to the cold weather anymore. I took her this morning.

As always I am back to my normal routine of doing the laundry and tidying up the house, washing the dishes, making the beds, etc. My husband is at work. He seems to have recovered from the trouble he had a few days ago. Good because I was getting worried about the whole situation he described to me. Let's see what will happen.

Yesterday was a busy afternoon. We had to go out. It was nice but my mother was a bit stressed. I have been to my parents' house. They are fine although my father was a bit to moody to talk to my mum and she was a bit annoyed.

So, it is going to be another long day I guess. I try to keep myself busy.

Good energy to all of us.