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2017-06-21 00:40:57 (UTC)

10 Word stories

Mood: Tired
Song: Nobody can save me by Linkin Park
Color: Bronze

Lately since i've been gone at camp, i've not had the time or the internet to write and also i've just had some writers block and just haven't had the energy to write much of anything and so what i've been doing a lot of is 10 word stories, just jotted down on my phone or written on my hand when a specific thought would pop into my head and so right now i think i'm going to share those now.
Just the ten words not really the story behind them if they aren't self explanatory.

"It's so frustrating to be wide awake at 2:30 AM"
"Why is it easier to fall asleep during the day?"
"Why do certain types of pain feel good and pleasurable?"
"As bad as it's bad when it's good it's great"
"You are never going to fit in much here kid"
"Flirting with teenagers is fun but never end's well"
"If we didn't move to G****** this wouldn't have happened"
"I thought we were supposed to be family here"
"I want to be here but I'm still running scared"
"I'd be yours, all you have to do is ask"
"i'm a night owl waking up every day at six"
"I hate cooking the following foods in bulk: Bacon, Egg's"
"Don't belittle me and treat me like i'm a child"
"Sneaking off to a rave is never a good idea...."
"At the end of the day i end up alone"
" Buddy has the best facial expressions of any teenager ever"
"Coffee is the key to love, life functioning and survival"
"Why must Falls creek have so many ridiculously steep hills?"
"I wish you the best even though your not here"
"If you felt invisible i won't let you feel that now"
"It felt like fast family and that is weird and rare"
"I don't open up that easy cause it terrifies me"
"Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth"
"Your just a stuck up high and mighty little brat"
" I didn't fit in with girls like that in high school"
"Apparently i still don't get along well with girls like that"
"One screw up after another i just can't get it right"
"I scream at myself when there's nobody else to fight"
"You burn so bright and you don't even see it"
"Lets get out of here and be in a different place"
"it was really nice hearing your voice today on the phone"
"i love you, i miss you, but i'm letting go"
"can i help you not to hurt yourself any more"
" It's my birthday in eight days and i'm getting old"
"Music is something that has been keeping me sane and okay"
" I drew a girl free falling it's how i felt"
"i wrote half a letter today before i couldn't anymore'
"I'm so happy for everything that's working out for you"
"I'm so tired of being judged for what's not wrong"
" Dan and Phil are the most adorable people on the planet"
" Kim, Daccie, Buddy, Ares, Maya, Dexten, Deedee, Estebalese, Lilly, Faith,"
"Brandon, Kamber, Brandyce, Tristan, Hayden, Hunter, Mercedes, Gabe, Izzy, Kenzie"
I can't wait to see what life holds beyond this town"
"You know it's all going to work out in the end"
"Sick minds and private jokes: Hands, Icecream, Naked, Dare, ahhhhhh!"
" it's Laughing till you cry and crying till you laugh"
Running from my past and my present and the future"
"Magical creatures in other country's make for the best friends"
"Zoe, Jay, Karl, are life lines i couldn't live without"
"there are things we can have but we can't keep"