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2017-06-19 21:52:13 (UTC)

Monday not just another day

So, today, I was up early with no too much on my list of things to do. Since my knee is on and off with the pain and this morning I was thinking it was more off; I went to the grocery store to pick up a small list of items. He wanted to have tacos today. So, off I went. I leaned on the shopping cart. I mean I really had to lean on it. My knee almost took me to the floor at several points. When I finally made it to the car and back home, he had to come out to help me inside. I made the call as soon as I got to the phone. They said I could come today. But I asked for tomorrow instead. So, I go back in the morning. Not sure what she can actually do. But it is time. Do something. I have a life that I need to get back too.

The boss called too. He was discussing the possibility of buying a Remax or Century 21 franchise for our company. Damn. I told him I was ok with anything he did. But suggested he do his research and ask some questions. He has friends that have done this. It cost about 20 to 30 thousand a year. Damn. Hey I know...let's sell franchises of our company? How bout that? LOL Time will tell what he decides...
I am okay with anything at this point. He said something about advertising on some Radio station over near the speedway....
Let's sell that speedway condo.....if he does not decide to buy it......

Then the mail came. Apparently my doctor asked my insurance company to scan my stomach for irritable bowel syndrome. HUH? I do not remember even talking about that. No, it was never mentioned. So, the insurance company said that they do not approve scans for that reason. That explains a lot. SO, my next hope is next week when I go for my GYN appointment. Hopefully she can figure it out.

Time to find it. Fix it. Get over it.

Monday is never just another day...round here.