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2017-06-19 12:20:39 (UTC)

Restarting my day

Hi there!

As I promised myself I went back to my routine but it was not easy to restart my day. I am feeling a little bit down today because of that bad news I got yesterday. However, I am thinking about a plan B. What to do if my life really doesn't move on.

At the moment, the washing machine is ending its cycle and I soon will have to stop my writing. I have almost finished my housework and I still have to cook...

Just a moment... I have to hang the clothes... well, I am back... Just done.

It is raining again. Hopefully it won't last the whole week.

I had my breakfast but I wasn't very hungry so I might start lunch early today. It is going to be another long day. So, I better start finding something to do.

Good energy to all of us!