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2017-06-19 00:55:21 (UTC)

Smelling the rain.

No one called him today to say happy father's day. His two daughters are truly horrible people. My own daughter did not either. She is right there in the same boat with the two step sisters. Although no one claims anyone here. My son returned home from the beach in time to have dinner with us. That was nice...

I spent the day catching up the laundry. My knee is aching like an abscessed tooth.
I will call them this week in hopes of getting another shot. Some relief is needed.

No calls from anyone. This seems to be turning into a solution to wanting to move away. If no one is going to call
and bother me or come here taking up my time, then there is really no need to go anywhere. Many of these people's age
is catching up with them and they like me do not feel like socializing much. That is me. For real.

I am ill. Short tempered and all that. BITCH Royally. I am hatful sometimes. Getting senile maybe? The pain is taking
over my giving personality and changing me into this horrible person. I just hate it that I only hear about things..
and see photos on social media of others getting out and about. Instead of doing that, I am pain. Barely able
to walk.

I hear thunder in the background and more rain is in the air. I smell it. I love to smell the rain.