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2017-06-18 21:01:59 (UTC)

A bit of the same


It is incredible but I have managed to clean the office. Mainly it was the wardrobe and the top of the file that I have here. I still want to organize the folders but that can wait until next week.

I had some bad news but I cannot describe here. I am not feeling sad or depressed at the moment but I am a bit anxious. I hope everything will be OK by the time I have more news.

This morning we went to my parents' house. We had a nice barbecue there. My father once again cooked for us. The afternoon was indeed long because I didn't do a lot of housework. I brushed a bit the floor but only where I could see that it was a little bit dusty.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning the office so today I wanted some break. Anyway, I hope tomorrow to go back to my usual routine of tidying up the house and so on.

Well, so it was another long day but things will get better.

Good energy to all of us