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2017-06-18 04:14:31 (UTC)

Saturday rain and pain

Not sure if I am hurting so much because of the damp air or what, but I am. Been miserable all day and nites too. My stomach hurts
at times as well, and my knee, well it is bone on figure it out. I do not feel like cleaning and the laundry is getting backed up.
I usually never have this happen. But I really just do not care too much. I hurt. That is it. Tough.

My son asked me to wash a couple of his things today. He was supposed to do the race track thing tonight and afterwards, he was going
to the beach for a day or two. He needed a couple clean shirts and a extra paid of shorts. So, I started the load. All of which needed to have SHOUT sprayed on them....horrible stains. So I ride to the store and buy him a pair of shorts, and about three real shirts...just like the ones he likes. 40 bucks I spent. On my way home, I see him going in the other direction. When I returned home, my husband says the race was post poned because of the rain and the son was on his way to the beach. I had not had time to put the clothes in the dryer or give him the new things. Whatever.

That was my good deed for today. My husband cooked tonight.

I am in my robe. Feel horrible.

We were watching the news station and I think I busted a rib open laughing at Katie Perry talk about her guidance from speaking to Angels who tell her about hair styles and fashion. She has apologized for wearing certain styles of each. I could not believe my ears. What in the hell has happened to her? She has lost her damn mind. She seems to really believe this shit too.

We as the public can ignore this crap. We can choose NOT TO PURCHASE her CDS or SONGS or go to her concerts. We can do that..
Maybe if enough of us put our foot down and stick to our guns, she will wake up and snap out of it. Get back to normal.

Remember normal?

Me either....