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2017-06-16 17:51:13 (UTC)

Making mistakes, but which ones

I get out of hand on Facebook. Sometimes I have to deactivate just to get away from the bull shit. Then I will go back, sometimes at the encouragement of others...sometimes just because something happens and I want to see more clips or reports. We simply can not count on the news to give it too us honestly these days. Hoping that will change soon as it has gotten out of hand.

So, this morning I woke up feeling like I maybe should have died during my sleep but had one more chance to wake up. I felt like death warmed over. So, I stayed in bed and slept some more. Woke up at 10:30. He did not get up until noon. I cooked breakfast. He is still feeling a little under the weather but is doing better. I let him clean up afterwards while I searched for a Velcro wrap for my knee. I found one and put it on my dang knee. Finally. Not sure why I did not do this sooner. I guess I was still hoping that last shot would have started working. But it has not. I may go back to get another shot soon. Gonna give it a little more time.

I have not heard from the boss in a while. I hope he is well. Not responding to my emails. I am going to call him this afternoon to touch base. It worries me that he may be fed up with things. I am just not sure what to do. We are not marketing this company well at all. I have no phone calls coming in....for buyers or sellers. But it is his company. I just work here. I am doing what I can do by creating the post cards and mailing them out. If no one calls from least they are exposed to us. All I can do it continue mailing them out.

With him not staying in touch, it concerns me that he may be thinking of dismantling the company. I will have to know what the future holds before investing in any post cards and using stamps to mail them out....if I have to create my own company I will. If we are not going to close up shop, I will just keep doing what I am doing.

But I know I need to cool it...chill on facebook. This country is going through things that most people will see in time. I can not force it down throats. I need to shut up. I have made it clear that I love this country. I love my President. And I stand by him. Other than that...there is nothing to prove.....nothing to say. What is going to happen will happen. I can not stop it. I can not predict it. Good or will be.

My focus needs to be on this company. And how to make it work.