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2017-06-16 12:26:25 (UTC)

A good day ahead!

Good morning!

It is 9.11 a.m. and I had my breakfast. My daughter is still sleeping... Well, it is a holiday. I am feeling really good. It means that my sore throat is better and I am not so miserable as I was before.

The weather is not so great as the sun is a little bit shy... Hopefully, in the afternoon we will have sun.

I managed to wash and dry the dishes that were on the sink. Later, I have to cook something for us. Also, I have made my bed.

The idea of going out makes me feel really happy... Although, I would like to leave the house in the morning. Never mind... Beggars can't be choosers. It is always my mother that ends up choosing whether she wants to go in the afternoon or in the morning.

I still haven't spoken to my husband as he is working. By the way. they might move from where they are. I am not complete sure about it until I see the house for selling in the market. It could be positive for us in the future. Let's see. What worries me is my husband getting another job in another town. Let's see.

For now, I don't wish to get stressed... I have enough to worry about. I am glad that I have recovered. I had a flu jab but I still got sick. It is amazing.

Hopefully, I will have a good day.

Good energy to all of us!