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2017-06-15 23:41:48 (UTC)

Calming things down

I almost pitched a fit today. But I calmed down before it got out of hand. I was talking to him about my stomach. I was going to go buy a set of sheets. So, I remembered that we were going to get a double bed from my room so I would have more room in there. Which brought it all back to the surface that since he stopped working, all I have seen him do is get up, sit in front of the tv and watch jerry springer type shows. Sure, he will go cut grass but not even that every week. He drags it out as long as he can. So, I told him about thinking about going to get sheets...and asked him about the work that was supposed to do in my room? Is it ever going to happen? I reminded him that I am sick of living in this nasty environment here with the dust mite filled carpet....nasty windows....walls....what? When? Ever? I started crying. I told him that making his promises and never doing anything might be his M-O but it is not mine. I said I was not going to fight about it but I won't be living this way much longer....he responds with "well you have not brought it up in a while". HUH? I told him I am not the bitch type. I am the do type. You said u were going to do. You have not. I told you what I was going to do. I will.

I had to take a chill pill. Did not go anywhere. Just sat in here and rested today. Washed a loud of towels. Then later in the day,
I cooked dinner...and it was nice to have the tv in the kitchen so I could watch the news while I prepared dinner.

A girl on facebook sent me a message about my post. She loves reading them. Said she wanted to send me a text and wanted my phone number. She said her friends tell her not to post stuff on there so she don't since she is trying to run a she sent me the text of Comey wearing one of those pussy cat hats. I had already seen all that. It was funny.

So, I thought about what she said. Plus on fox news they were talking about how both sides need to stop with the hateful comments and threats. So, although I do not make threats. I am or have been very opinionated on facebook. SO, then later, I went on there and deleted a bunch of stuff. And from now on, I may share something, but no more comments. I think people should be able to think for themselves....

This may be why I have not heard from the boss in a while. He is a democrat. Whoops.

LOL gonna try to fix this before I get removed from the position I fought hard to get.