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2017-06-15 18:41:15 (UTC)

Recovering from my sore throat


I prepared the soup last night. It was delicious. We still have some left for tonight if we feel hungry.

It is a beautiful and sunny day here where I live. It makes my life better as I don't feel so miserable because I can go outside of the house when I wish.
I am better from my sore throat. This morning I was feeling weak but now I feel that I can just restart my routine again.
Tomorrow we might go out. My mother wants to go to the mall to buy a light blanket. I won't buy anything... I will just have my coffee and cake.

It has been quite a long day so far. I called my husband a few times. He seems to be having a relaxing time after he was busy doing some housework.

I haven't done a lot in terms of housework. I just did the laundry. But tomorrow we have to cook. I forgot to mention today is a holiday. I am quite glad my daughter will be off school until Monday.

Well, that is it. Good energy for all of us.