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2017-06-15 18:31:16 (UTC)

Thursday bruises

I have bruises on my stomach. Below bellow button where the fat gut is. It does not hurt at all. Just bruised is a spread out type formation.
Not sure why. But put off driving anywhere today just to be sure I do not drop out why driving. I am thinking since I usually wear dresses and yesterday I had on capris; jean type. They were not tight as I do not wear tight fitting clothes. I do not even like blouses to be tight. I will buy a size bigger just to be sure. But when I sat in my recliner wearing them...and put my legs up; That could have pinched my stomach area to cause it. But no pain with it makes it more a mystery.

I will see how it is tomorrow. But today. Taking it easy.

The cable guy came. DONE. Then I got a text about my phone bill. It is supposed to be 105 a month. Last month it was 125. This month it is 135. HOLY SHIT. I called them. Made no sense out of what they were saying and no resolution. I am sick of it. Now I am looking for a new cell phone provider.