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2017-06-14 23:28:55 (UTC)

Start over again tomorrow

The cable guy came. Apparently we now have to have one of those boxes to use the cable he moved. At one time, you could just screw the cable itself into the back of the tv and you could get basic cable. That is all I wanted. But no, can not do that. So, he installed a new cable line. I now have another cable guy coming tomorrow to install the cable box and connect it to the tv. I could have done it myself. But the rep said that if I do, they do not guarantee it if it breaks. So, I will pay 11 a month for the extra box, 49 bucks for today. 49 bucks for tomorrow.
Oh thank you so much. Since we are one of those customers that pays ALOT already, I am sure they could have afforded giving us a discount. Whatever. At least that new tv I bought a long time ago will be watched now in the when I am cooking dinner at dinner time, I can watch the news. I will love that once I get over the shock of how much all this is costing.

I took care of a few other things today too. I called the life insurance company and asked for a copy of the policy. We recently got a letter from them alerting us that they have a new name instructing us to put the letter with our "policy" which I have no copy of. Now, it is on the way. YEAH!

He started cutting grass. Shortly he returned inside to ask me to come help him out of a ditch. I had to pull the mower out with the truck while he rode it. Shortly after all that I took a ride. I went to the post office and bank. Then I rode to SC to pick up a scratch SC you can choose to be anonymous if you win anything. I wanted to win and be anonymous. But I did not win. Just ran out a bunch of gas for zero.

Whatever. After the morning...the shooting in VA by the home inspector....oh man. What a looney tune I just wanted to take a ride. Had my camera with me too. But never used it but to take a photo of a for sale by owner sign. Then when I come home to look it up...the damn house is listed in MLS. What kind of scam is that? Just want me to call the number or contact them by mail so I can be fined? SAD

I have not heard from the boss or my daughter lately. She texted me with her panic attack but did not call. I am so sick of her treating me like this. Especially after I have told her that this is hurting me and she just keeps doing it. She is in for a rude awakening. Cause I am going to get over it. I am going to treat her just like she treats me. Business only. And I do not do holidays or special days with the boss....I do not call him either. So, she will be treated that way. If she calls. She calls. I am not doing it. Not only that. If she keeps this shit up. I may just decide to not answer the phone and only respond to messages that are business related. FUCK IT.

I have done nothing wrong. I have instead tried to help her and her family many times. She wants her circle of friends to think she and her husband are fine....they have no issues with finances...own their house....have lots of money to throw around...etc....not the case people....none of it. I am doing nothing else. If she can not appreciate what we do by at least respecting our feelings...then fine.
I get it. I GET IT......

now you get it.