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2017-06-13 17:38:02 (UTC)

Midweek rolling by fast

So, he was still a little under the weather this morning. But on his way to recovery. I had prepared breakfast and was getting ready to
sit down to eat when I began receiving text from my daughter about a deal she has closing next month. Today is the Due Diligent date. Not sure if she was supposed to get back to the buyers and did not...or what. But she was freaking out a little. I text her back solutions. And also asked her to call me which she did not. I guess one of the things I sent in text form helped her solve the issue, last thing she said was that they were ok. Whatever....

I took this opportunity to call the cable company to come tomorrow and move a cable connection to that new tv I have that I can not use. I had bought an antenna which was ok, but kept flaking out on the picture. So, I gave it to someone my son knows. So, they are coming tomorrow and also bringing my husband a new remote. He is a happy camper now.

I went ahead and made an appointment with the GYN that I had before. The one that seems to know what she is doing. I really think she is my last resort to getting to a solution. My appointment is the 28th.

Already did the survey call we always get from the cable company anytime you have a conversation with them.

House is clean...having hotdogs tonight. Chili made...slaw made. I am ready to relax.

Feeling good today....minor pain....and I will accept that as a good day.