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2017-06-12 17:28:47 (UTC)

Got the Shot!!!

I rode back to the country club today hoping it would not be as crowded as yesterday. I got a great shot of the sign with the building in the background just like I love to get...and the two flag poles with flags. Only thing is the wind was not blowing and the flags were just drooping.
I may wait for a windy day to do it again. At least now I know where to park and stand to get that shot.

He walked in there last night complaining of feeling sick. So, this morning on my way home from taking photos of the club, I stopped to get him some drugs as he requested. I bought a whole chicken too which is as I write this cooking on the stove. I am making a pot of chicken soup.
I have been on my feet all morning. When someone is sick around here I wipe things down regularly.

I got an email about the flowers I ordered to send to Denise's service. They wanted to get my permission to give my address to the family so they can send me a card of thanks. Said it was her niece. I am thinking her son must have passed away or something. Then again, maybe the niece is helping with this part of all of it. Anyway, I gave them permission to give my address to the family.

My son called me this morning after he had been at work already. He wanted me to know that he has ordered a pair of "racing shoes" for the little girl he supports in dirt track...she is his friend who also drives daughter. Her birthday is coming soon and that is what she wants. Racing shoes. Man. That is so sweet I told him. To not be married and no kids....he would make a great dad. He loves those kids. That young lady is involved in racing at a very young age. She wins too. So does her dad. He is proud to be so involved with this crew.

Okay I have calmed down from yesterday about the damn listing. But if she sells it to someone without my involvement and kicks me out of the transaction with no payment. The next time she calls me, I will have to tell her that if she wants to talk about real estate, she can call someone else. The girl does not have a whole lot of friends. I am beginning to see why that is.