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2017-06-11 15:31:58 (UTC)

Sunday agravations

Already....aggravated. The friend called me this morning. I got more information on her property. I was taking notes to make sure the forms have accurate information on them. "can you explain that commission again"? For the love of GOD. Do people really think that we work for fucking free? Apparently so. I have spent hours already talking to her about it...and a couple trips over to ride by it and tour it with her....and then talking more about it. I have already earned my damn commission. I explained to her the best I could. I told her if we were listing it in a higher price range, I would have lowered the commission a little. But since she is set on practically giving the property away, I have to get more commission so I can offer the other agent a decent commission in order to get them to show the property. She seemed to understand when I finally got through in regards to the commission and why. Then we discussed the price again. I finally got her to understand that the property is worth more than the price of the lot. She was okay with a higher price. But I mentioned that one last thing that might come up. The pest inspection. The buyers pays for it, but it took about 40 minutes to explain to her that the buyer pays for it and it is required. But...if something comes up, it has to be dealt with. Although I thought she got it. She still wanted numbers of companies that do that so she can call them.

Ended up saying she will to "think about it a couple more days" and "talk to some relatives" whom may be interested in it.

Why in the hell is she talking to me then? For the love of GOD...then wanted to know what I was doing for the rest of the
day like I sit here waiting on my phone to ring. I told her I was going up to the country club. She thought I meant to go swimming or play golf? I said..oh no, I am going up there to look at I may be able to help sell.

I swear man. If she don't want me to list it.....if she is just wasting my time getting information so she can sell it herself....
which it seems like she is doing....then I am going to cuss her out and tell her I am beginning to understand why she
has no friends.