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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-06-11 04:57:59 (UTC)

Saying No To Crushes.

I will not let myself crush on someone right now. No. I will not. It gets my hopes up only to be let down.

There's, a book, that I want to read. that, has been getting really good reviews,

called: the upside of Unrequited.

It's about, a girl,who has all these crushes on guys, but never acts on them. Which, is like me in a nutshell. I never tell anyone Iike them. I just, do what everyone else does. and stalk them, on Facebook and get my heart broken the real way.

Why, why, why.

Why is this happening. And why cause this person so called "flirted" with me and talks to me like I'm not a two headed monster?

Am I that pathetically needy?

Ugh. So no to crushing on my co worker! Which is going to be hard. Because, I found myself thinking about him today. I was bummed when I didn't see him come in.

So, this is why I'm trying not to crush on anyone. That way on days when I don't see him I won't be disappointed. Or if I see him talking to another girl I won't get jealous.

I don't want these emotions right now.

So goodbye to my crush. I refuse to think about you, and I will not get excited about the hopes of seeing you, when I'm leaving and you're coming into work.

Nope. Nope .