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2017-06-11 02:10:50 (UTC)

Slow Saturday

Knee hurting like crazy today...but it did not stop me. Not too long anyhow. I woke up around 10:30am by my phone ringing. My friend wanted to talk about her rental property and what to do about it. It did not take too long to realize she was not interested in making updates to get more money for it. She wanted to do nothing and sell it as is. So, we began discussing prices. It was a hard discussion. She ended up saying something about just selling it for practically nothing and not using a realtor. HUH? I thought for the love of GOD, after all this time, the many conversations, the guidance the consulting and she is willing to give it away just to not have to pay a commission? Lord. I was kind of happy my phone died. I was about to blow a fuse.

I went to the grocery store with him and he was in a mood in there because of the crowd. I think he expect Food Lion to tell everyone to please leave the building cause he is coming in there to shop. He is not that important though. Only in his mind. I told him my knee was hurting so we did not stay in there too long. I just needed to get off it.

Later after being home a while, I saw I had a text from the friend about that house. She said maybe we could list it a little over 40.
So, I sent her numbers with what she would possibly net at different prices if I listed it in MLS at 6%. I am not working for free anymore.
If she had done the repairs and I could have listed it for a higher price...I would have done it cheaper as far as commission. But she finally agreed to 45k. Which is a steal. Even as would sell quickly at 60 or 65. But she is the client. At least she is not giving it away at 30 and handling everything herself. Plus, she is one who changes their mind a lot. So, who knows what she may say in the morning.

I am getting tired of the knee hurting...

and tomorrow is the morning I must get up early to get a shot of the country club.

At least by light.

Crossing fingers.