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2017-06-10 17:17:01 (UTC)

Busy day again


It is a beautiful cold day... It is sunny and windy.

I started my day tidying up the house... So, it took me almost all morning. This afternoon, after lunch I vacuumed the house as well. So, I am glad with the result. At the moment, I am waiting for the washing machine cycle to finish and then I am done for today.

We had lunch at my parents' house. My father barbecued some good meat for us. Although, I am in a good mood I feel a bit lonely this afternoon. It is good when I have things to do because I usually don't think to much about my own life. Also, I always feel I have achieved something when I do some light housework.

Friday morning, I had lunch out. I ate a I regretted a bit after that but it was delicious. My mum and I went to the mall and to the supermarket. It was OK... but I got a bit annoyed with my mum. She is always in debt and wants to buy bits and pieces for decorating the house... And if I tell her why she needs those items she gets angry at me for controlling her. Then she bought a book about places to visit and put it on the coffee table... I said to her she can look for these places on the internet. She will find a variety of places to visit... Anyway, we don't have money for that at the moment. It sounded to me just another book to collect dust like the others they have.

I still have to sort out the office room but don't feel very inspired. I want to throw away some old devices. Actually I have to put them in a box and when my husband comes back then he will have to sort out.

My husband is fine... At least, I thought he was much better than he was here in Brazil. He is not cold, and his health has improved a lot. That makes me happy because I have my own health problems to worry about.

Anyway, that is it... for now... I am much better and I hope things will improve over the years for all of us!

Good energy!