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2017-06-10 04:31:14 (UTC)

Busy day = painful night

We were up earlier than usual this morning. I wanted to get started in order to take some photos up at the Cowans Ford Damn Country Club area. I once delivered mail up there so I had an idea where I wanted to go. There is this one street that use to not have lake front homes but now does. Many years ago, we would go there to swim, hang out, sit and watch the boats come in and out. There was a marina up there at that time. Not sure if there is now or not. Anyway, I rode up the road and back down once again and found a house that was for sale with what looked like it may come with an additional lot as there was a open space between two lake front homes that framed the lake. It was nice since one of the homes had a deck and the other one had flag poles. I like having an American flag in my material. So, I was thinking this shot may work. I took a few there and moved on. Went across the street to the golf course. A couple lawn care trucks in the road and men working. Great place to park. I walked along the sidewalk by the road on the golf course. I found a small pond with a sprinkler in the middle. Bingo! I stood on the walk in several locations to take those photos. Leaving there to the club house which was so crowded with cars that I could not get a shot there today. Told him I would have to come back early in the morning to get that shot. There is a brick sign and flag poles right in front. Perfect photo for what I need plus is will be along the same lines I have used before. I will try to get it on Sunday morning.

We also went to Walmart to pick up his medication. OMG, by the time I got there, my left knee was throbbing and leaning on the cart was not helping much. He said he wanted to look in the garden section for one of those water hoses, the short ones that connect to house and to the cart that holds the hose. Apparently people call it a garden hose. I asked a lady in there where the "hose pipes" were? She asked what? So, I said it again "Hose Pipes"....she looked I said, "you know, you hook it up to water and use it to water your garden"?
Oh...she said..."a garden hose"? Sending us to them. But they did not have one for the use he needed. He said since my knee was acting up, he would just go to Lowes himself one day to pick one up. So, off we went.

We stopped at Sports Page to get something to eat. I bet we were in there a couple hours. Fun to sit and watch people and all the tv screens.. We came home...and that was it.

He almost burned the house down trying to boil eggs...the smell in here was horrible. Other than that, nothing much has happened.

More later as it happens.

My legs are