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2017-06-09 03:19:34 (UTC)

Movin right along Thursday

He and I had decided to go too pick up his medicine and then go to the country club to take marketing photos for my upcoming post cards I had to keep calling the pharmacy to find out why it was not there before we left and ended up having to call the doctor's office. After all that we put it on the back burner until tomorrow. I went ahead and began researching addresses and making list. Feels odd to see these names on the streets where I once delivered mail to the same people. Yes, I was once a postal worker. Loved it too. But had after being in a car accident changed that fast. So, here I am going to address post cards to send to the same people I used to deliver stuff like this too.

I went for a ride today and checked the mail at my post office box downtown. Then rode through town to this consignment shop to make an appointment to bring some things down there. I saw a new Coach bag I would love to have. It will be cheaper next week if it is still there. I almost bought it today. But I was strong and decided to wait.

Came home to make a pot of chili and we had chili on hamburger buns. No slaw. We did not have any cabbage. But it was okay.
My son ordered some ear candles and they come today. He was excited to use them. It worked too. We were surprised at the wax that
came out of his ear with only using one candle. Weird how that works.

I watch Comey today. He sat there and lied about our President. Then admitted being a leaker of notes he was supposed to have wrote but did not have them with him. He is lying his ass off. Made a big fool out of himself. Our President is not working with RUSSIA. That story is old. We are sick of hearing about it. What he should have done when he had a person proven of doing losing emails, sending them to people who were not supposed to get them...classified too. He also knew they were guilty of destroying evidence after evidence from laptops to cell phones. Pouring bleach on them to smashing them with a sledge hammer. 100 % guilty but he did not feel, in his opinion that there was enough to charge them. But nothing at all to prove Trump has done anything and he can not stop talking about it. They act like the democrats have their grandchild locked in the trunk of a car tied up...forcing them to act like fools. Hard to watch....

I have a busy day tomorrow. So, with that I will say good night till next time.