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2017-06-08 01:08:57 (UTC)

Long day

I am wore out. Got up earlier than I should have with hardly no sleep last night. That damn sheriff knocking on the door through us off. I wanted to make sure the doors were locked when I turned in. He will leave them standing wide open....."an't nobody comin in here with me here...." Yeah, he thinks that. So, I usually lock the place up at night...after he goes to bed.

I had a lot of post cards to address today. I had a stack started but this is the day I like to put them in the mail. So, I did it all day.
He took the post cards to post office around 7pm for me. I stopped long enough to make dinner, but he cleaned up kitchen for me....

I am tired.

I was entertaining watching the government hold a session asking questions to the top 4 men in our country. Was supposed to be talking about 702...a unmasking issue once someone is spied on. Hard no questions about that. Most questions were about TRUMP/RUSSIA conclusion....LOL These damn people in politics are about as nuts as you get. John McCain is a joke. I think it is time for him to hang it up. For the love of GOD....him Waters, REED, Greene...all of them need to go. And I am leaving a couple out. You pick one or two of your own.

Liberal illness. Liberal Illness. Liberal Illness. Now, say mental illness. Mental illness. Mental illness. See the connection?
Sounds the same. Liberal illness. Most of them are eat up with it.

Anyway....tomorrow I will spend time cleaning house again. Maybe take a short ride.

Time will tell. Tonight....too tired to make any sense.