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2017-06-07 20:14:33 (UTC)

Ingrown toenail


So, it is another day. Today I woke up feeling miserable but decided to solve my problems. It helped me a bit, the fact that, I got an appointment with the doctor because of my daughter's ingrown toenail. The podiatrist could not solve it. I still have to return to the podiatrist but at least I will have an opinion from a doctor if she needs surgery or not.

It was another long day for me. I woke up, took my daughter to school and had breakfast. Then, I started my routine by making the beds. It seems pretty much simple but when it becomes routine it sucks. After that, I had to wash and dry the dishes, do the laundry and cook lunch for us. More or less, that is my daily routine. I guess if I went out more often I would not feel so depressed and miserable all the time.

I have spoken to my husband and he is doing all right. He is not getting a lot of overtime and then money is short for us. But we are surviving. The important thing is we remain strong and together despite of the distance.

By the way, we didn't have floods here. I am glad because it means chaos and people homeless. Here, where I live, it is OK but some parts of the town really flood.

Well, we are in the middle of the year and that sounds good to me. Another year is almost gone... I am waiting for the winter and the cold. At the moment it is mild and I don't feel so cold. I don't like when it is really harsh winter but I hope we won't have it. Let's see.

Good energy to all of us!