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2017-06-06 17:34:45 (UTC)

Working Tuesday

So, I was supposed to meet someone at a house this afternoon. So, I decided to do that and not attend a funeral of that childhood friend.
I almost decided to go to the service, and changed my plans when asked about this house and decided to send them a card with a gift card for dinner or something later this week. So, now the home owner has cancelled on me. So, I am here just doing research to send out more post cards.

He stuck his head in here and saw I was working and shut the door to leave me alone. When I finished the work or got to a stopping point, I went in the kitchen for a bottle of water. He had moved my car out into the driveway. There was a bunch of crap laying around out I opened the door to take a closer look. It is a good thing I do not have high blood pressure. I could have dropped dead on the spot noticing that he had actually swept the garage and was getting up stuff to throw away. OMG This is the day to put the trash out for them to pick up in the a good day to do what he was working on. So, I came inside and started on dinner.

Yesterday, he was experiencing pain in one of his feet. So, he laid around most of the day. I cooked dinner last night. Made spaghetti.
He had been saying we had not had it in a while and I am the one who usually makes it. So, two days in a row, I am cooking again.
Tonight, baking chicken legs, steaming some potato wedges with onions in microwave...another dish we have not had in a while. Easy
but good. Green beans...and we done on that. It is in the oven. He is in the shower. Two days in a row, I have washed clothes and did some cleaning.

He has noticed I guess. And maybe that is what caused him to actually do something. He said he pulled up some weeds too and will use the weed whacker out there tomorrow. Even with all he did today, I will believe it when I see it.

I feel so bad for the family that lost their sister. I hate I missed the service too. I could have seen a lot of people that I went to school with.
Only if people would not make appointments and then change them. Maybe I could have a life and do the things I need to do. I could have seen about 80 or so people today that I am sure would have remembered me. Just one thing though.....the ex high school guy was a neighbor and I bet he would have shown up too. CRAZY ASS NASTY OLD MAN....masquerading as a minister too. SICK. But I have to deal with that son of a bitch someday, so that would have been the time to do it while surrounded by so many of my friends. I hate him.

Anyway....I have about 100 post cards to mail this week. Tomorrow evening would be perfect so I will finish them up tonight or in the morning. Plus I am sending these toward the speedway....I like to send some around here too.

I noticed that damn idiot homeowner whom I sent all that information too....called someone else to list their 950k house. I hope it burns down before it sells....son of a bitches....