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2017-06-05 21:48:54 (UTC)

Winding down Monday

I woke this morning feeling like death warmed up. I was sure I was going to die before noon. I pushed myself to finally get up after sleeping in much later than usual. He had already got up and fixed the coffee. That was nice. The only thing I could do to feel somewhat normal was to take a shower. So I did. My hair was soak n wet and the gown too that I slept in. What in the hell are those hormonal replacement pills actually for? Seems like this was the symptom I was taking them to avoid. Not working.

So, clean again with coffee in hand, I sat at my desktop to check the obituaries. Let's see who else kicked the bucket. Just that one lady who I grew up with. Visitation today. Memorial service tomorrow. I will not even have time to send flowers. So, what I will be doing in this case...
instead is I will wait till the end of the week....maybe Thursday...and send a gift card to a real nice steak house to her sister who lives in town. A break for her. I am sure she is exhausted after all this. I hate it for her.

After all that, I got my second wind and started on laundry. First washing a load of my clothes...then the towels, then my sons jeans...which have to washed using shout and an extra washing cycle. He works in mud. And that dirt track racing is red dirt. God I wish he would turn Amish and meet a girl.....who is too.

By the time dinner is cooked tonight, I will have had a full day. My husband is laying around today saying his foot hurts and did not sleep much last night. So, I am taking care of everything today. By tomorrow, I will have a day to rest as far as chores around here.

I want to go take some photos for post make some new ones... I really need to get some business...which so far is not
happening. All contracts have been I have nothing coming up. Shit.

I feel much better this time of day. I guess I figure if I have not dropped dead by this time, I may make it till in the morning...