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2017-06-04 03:49:19 (UTC)

Saturday sunshining...

Today was absolutely gorgeous. No cloud in rain, wind or storms; just sunshine. A great day to lay someone to rest. A great day to
do some yard work. A great day to watch the neighbors help one another cutting up the large tree that fell the other night. I nice day to take a ride.

I took off before noon to mail some bills and ride toward the college area. I wanted to ride by the church that was holding the memorial
service today. I wanted to see where it was and how large. It looked just like the photo. A small white church like one you see in those old westerns. Hard to believe it could hold many people. Not a lot of room for parking either. I was glad I ordered the flowers. The flowers I ordered will be noticed in that small place for real. I made my decision right then after seeing the church that I would for sure not attend.
Too small to hide from people I may not want to see me or talk too. I am sure none of them will remember me...the message on the card with the flowers will say enough.

I lost a childhood friend last night too. She needed a liver transplant. She was not strong enough to wait for it. I remember spending a lot of time at her house while growing up. Her two sisters and her were something else. Now, this one, I may go too. If not, I will send flowers to her service too. I remember spending the night, watching movies....riding horses.....camping out....riding the bus to downtown....things kids do not do these is not safe. But by God we did. I had so much fun with that family. Their dad ran the mill in town. They lived in a big two story and had maids who cleaned it and cooked breakfast...washed their was a walk back into a time where everything was simple, but wonderful and memorable at the same time. In todays world, people do not make memories. Not sure what they will be thinking about when they get older. I love remembering those days way back when.....when things were simpler.

I back slid some on the diet. But I weighed in at 190 this morning. I did walk some today though. Should have NOT bought the bag of trail mix with M&Ms in it. It is like heroin. I swear. I wanted to buy beer too today. But I did not. I was looking in the rearview mirror talking to myself. "why beer? are you weak? What"? So, I did not.

No way will drinking beer help the weight loss. We did okay here too. No take out. I convinced him on salads today and tonight.

I feel a little better today. A little sad. But that is to be expected. I actually care and feel sad when someone passes away. I may not
know how to deal with the crowds...or know what to say at memorial services...but I can pick out cool flowers....I can do that.
At least I tried....I did ride by there. Stalking a dead person? No...stop thinking that.