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2017-06-02 19:14:58 (UTC)

Wasting my time today

So, I called the doctors office to get results from blood work. She said they have a letter stating the bloodwork was "normal". Okay I thanked her after repeating what she said......and hung up. Then I tried to call an internal medicine doctor to get an appointment asap. The first one expects all his patience to pay 1600 a yr to have him as a doctor. Even with insurance. HUH? So, I hung up. The next one did not take my insurance. Here we go again. So, I talked to my husband and he told me to call the doctor back and tell them he was going to schedule a scan of my stomach. I am grateful the test results of normal but I still need the scan to find out what is going on. So, I called...and she is giving him the message. Back at square one....but maybe he will take me seriously.

I remember in 1987, my bloodwork then came back normal too. But when they took the tumor out of my vagina, it had not burst open to invade or jeopardize my body. I was lucky because when they did the test on it, it came back malignant. Same thing with my husband who had a mass taken out of his colon what was the worse fastest spreading cancer there is, but it had not violated his colon wall...they got it out in time.

I am not giving up. But I am beginning to think I am on some death list where they are expected to just let me die.

I guess we shall see soon.

Nothing much is happening...I am not feeling well enough to do much today.