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2017-06-02 05:27:43 (UTC)

Flash Back #1

Mood: Nostalgic and slightly tired
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This is a review of some 90s Kids shows that i liked to watch as a kid.
Now these kids shows are the ones specifically aimed for little kids, between the ages of 3-6
And all the ones that i'm going to be talking about today were just a few of my favorites so i felt specifically nostalgic about them, they all came out between 1997-1999 which means that i was in the perfect age range to watch these shows when they aired.
being i was born in 1994.
Now seeing as i liked these as a very young child and i do feel nostalgic i am going to first go off the feels of it and give a rating on how i remember the show....like how good i feel like it was without actually having watched any of these since i was very very young.
So here is the list of shows i'm going to be reviewing today and the before rating out of ten based on memories and how i felt about it as a kid.

Before Flashing back Rating of all the shows we are reviewing today.

1. PB&J Otter (1998) 7/10
2. Rollie Pollie Ollie (1998) 5/10
3. Bear in the big blue house (1997) 10/10
4. Franklin (1997) 8/10
5. Little Bear (1998) 6/10
6. Out of the box (1998) 9/10

1. PB&J Otter, i clicked onto a random episode and watched it, while i do remember the basic plot of these tv shows i do not how ever remember specific episodes on most of them.
The episode i found and watched dealt with funnily enough how you remember things differently as a kid vs. as an adult it was about how things seem bigger or better or louder or just more intense as a kid.
And then you go back to the same place or do the same thing as an adult and it just feels different.
Also the episode dealt with being sad, and needing to cry...and how it's okay to feel your feelings.
I was a bit shocked to hear that some of the characters say that people who cry are wimps or that they are to old to cry.... and just the saying that someone who cries is a wimp is not something that would ever be said or tolerated in modern kids shows, even if it was to teach that crying doesn't make you weak and sometimes you just have to feel what your feeling.
It made me realize how "politically correct kids shows today are with the way they phrase things even if the lesson or moral is similar.

After watching an episode back... my rating for this show over all, considering the lesson taught, the entertainment of it and how it ages.
my rating for PB&J otter is a solid 7

2. Rollie Pollie Ollie.
With the first sounds of the theme song i was smiling at the catchyness of it, but as it continued into the episode i was struck by how odd this show was... lol. odd animation and oddly shaped beings but i suppose that's the point.
I remember thought that this show dealt with racism, how everyone was different some were round and the neighbors were square and there was a fear of different but it proved to be that all people were the same, and that was a theme that the show had, even with the other minor plots that each different episode had.
I also forgot that the father figure was supposed to be like Elvis Presley which is both funny and annoying as it's a very ridiculous portrayal.
As i watched i found it to be less of a moral and more of just chaos thrown together.
It's also weird that everything in the world is alive, the people, the houses the cars, the buildings.....
After watching this back i have to admit this isn't as good as i remember it to be.
i give it an over all rating of 3/10.

3. Bear in the big blue house
This was one of my favorite shows as a kid.
and as i watched i was not disappointed, i can't say that as an adult it has the same entertainment value as it did to a 5 year old me, but i find the characters to be funny and that it's easy to relate, you have the one's that are calm and the ones that are more chaotic.
You have all your basic personality types that all children can find someone that's like them.
I love that it has good music and good values, it values, Responsiblity and loyalty and love.
It has good imagination and Friendships. It has jokes and stuff that only adults would get, but it's not the dirty type.
I have a special place in my heart for the goodbye song.
Despite it's age i feel that this is still relevant today and it would be something that i would show my kids vs. some modern kids shows if i had kids.... it also has little sub things with in the show that nothing else i've ever seen so it's unique in it's own right but it's a bit repetive like different story plot but you figure it out the same way every time.
My over all rating is a 9/10 a lower rating because it's a bit to repetitive.

4. Franklin exceeds expectations.
I mean it is very focused on the moral of the story of learning something and teaching good character to kids.
But it's also very entertaining at the same time, it's learning but you don't realize that as a kid.
It has great music and sound effects.
I love how it's very...sarcastic. I didn't notice that as a kid, and at moments almost passive aggressive.
It's not all happy everything is perfect, there are problems and it's relatively realistic to real life or rather the real life of a kid.
it's got a lot dialoge which i also don't remember.
I'm very happy with this.
It's funny and has good sense of humor, like i said very sarcastic
it's got a 9/10 rating

5. Little bear, played out like a story book.
And like it's from a different time period...they way they live and the way they talk.
It's a bit more proper in it's language which is unlike most kid shows which were more....kid sized words.
but i was struck by how much less talking this show had and how captivated you could be by something so slow moving.
It's like old fashioned stories. not aesops fables but it's what it reminds me of.

6. Out of the box, modern up until it's time but perfect for teaching kids art, and history and music which is where this show's focus was, i think this and dragon tails which is a show that gets honorable mention on this list, is where i began to get my imagination to be able to have a box or a sheet or what ever you have laying around and be able to turn it into something amazing and to have fun with what you had, you didn't need technology.
I like that it's split into different segments like crafts and music and stores and i love how it begins and ends with the music.
I loved this show so much and it still doesn't disappoint.
it gets a 9/10

so Bear in the big blue house
Out of the box
and Franklin are the best shows after the reviewing process.

next i think i'll move up in age and do kids shows that are aimed at the next age groups up.
So let me know what shows i should review next.
Send me feedback on any of these shows that you liked for this age group that i may have missed and let me know what shows i should review next.