The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-06-01 20:43:41 (UTC)

Travis The Liar.

I am sooooo glad I NEVER HOOKED UP WITH YOU!!! You're such a two faced liar!

He told me that he's know this women for like 3 years. But he never bothered to mention her to me. He probably, told me, that he only wanted friends with benefits from me. So that he could make it seem like he is this good guy to this fat chick he's with now. LOL


Did you ever tell her about me ??? And how you would ask me for nudes??? No, because you want to make it seem like you're this down to earth "person" LOL YOURE THE WORST.

I bet you a million dollars you never told her about me! Gotta make it seem like you're this Christian godly man right who respects women ??? PFFFT. Alll for an ugly fat ass chick.

Seriously guys this girl is sooo hideous looking. And incredibly FAT. I hope your fat ass girl believes all the lies you tell her. Cause it's going to blow in your face sooner or later.

You're just mad because i saw right through your bs. So you had to go for some fat chick who will probably believe anything you tell her cause she probably desperate LOL cause who really wants to date fat chicks am I right ???