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2017-06-01 19:22:22 (UTC)

JUNE has arrived...

June 1st. Wow. The year will be gone in no time at this rate of speed passing us by. I pulled up the neighborhood early this morning where the man posted he was selling his house this summer. I researched every parcel nd sent every resident a post card today. They will get them Saturday. I sent my ex friend and her back door neighbor too. Did not want them to hear about the others receiving them and feel left out. I would rather her to be upset that I included her than that I did not. So, that is done. Crossing fingers. This area I can do on my own and property is selling so fast. Fast money for me if I can get a listing. Just need to send some more areas...but gonna wait till this time next I am not overwhelmed. Which is sounding silly as many post cards as I sent already and only one call. I mean over a thousand cards...and only one call from all that.

I am thinking about making a post card that has a recipe for lemon-aid or something summery....that people may want to put on refrigerator. Now, I have a recipe for hot chocolate for the winter months.. ... but this time of year...maybe smores...or something. Still thinking. If you have an idea...let me know. I will make more. I can have post cards sent to printer and ready to be picked up and mailed less than a week.
So, any brain storm that I get can be set in motion quickly. I am brain storming....

So, today, I sent post cards and ordered flowers for the funeral on Saturday...I ordered the largest one they had....with white lilies and white roses mixed in together with babies will be breath taking for real. I hope it looks great. I am not going to the funeral. I do not want to make anyone feel weird by seeing the flowers will have to make an impression. Her first cousin is my daughter's biological dad's ex wife....I sometimes refer too as "the bitch". The bitch who refuses to allow her own daughter to have any type of relationship with my daughter. For no reason but spite. Denise hated that. Denise will rest in peace. But the BITCH will live on to make lives miserable....not mine....nor my daughters....she can go on till the day she drops dead thinking she has won. I know who won......I DID. I know I have his child and his grandkids. I am not so sure she fact, none of them look anything like him at all. People sometimes hide their dirty secrets behind their spiteful behavior. I am not a fool.

Anyway I won't be going. It would not be respectful to do so. Sending the flowers is enough....and trust me....Denise is a millions times a better person than any of them. I know that for a fact. Very respected.

It is a little after 3pm. I have not heard anything from doctors about test results. I am hurting a lot my lower stomach.
I am not sure how much longer I can take feeling like shit. But I do.

Welcoming JUNE in though with a promise to try to do my best...for that is all I can do.
I promise to try to be a better person....a kinder those in my life moving forward....
leaving the past behind where it belongs. I will not be a bitter old woman...nor will I become
a bitch. I will be grateful, caring...and loving. I will smile more.

I will try.