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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-06-01 14:18:23 (UTC)

My family supposedly "cares"

The other day, on Snapchat, I vented about my depression. I sent a text snap to my story saying how I don't mean anything to anyone and if I died no one would miss me.

My one cousin, said, she would miss me and wish we lived closer together. But she lives in all the way in Wisconsin. And if anything, I'd probably be the one having to make a change just to see her. Not the other way around. Cause it's always been about her. But I'll get into that later.

I guess I freaked out my younger cousin. My mom said that she was all upset and ended up calling my one aunt and uncle. And they texted my mom asking what was going on.

But you know my aunt can't message me in facbook about it LOL
Ya they really "care" don't ask for my phone number to talk to me about it. But ask my mom who doesn't know what's going on. My mom doesn't give a shit. I could be on the verge of tears and she wouldn't say anything. She just needs me for rent money. Because my two sisters aren't doing shit.

Ugh Whatever.

I've been posting a lot of dead inside memes. On my Snapchat I guess people get scared when you start showing your true emotions. And then try to make you feel bad about your own feelings.

Ya they really care. Just not enough to show up at my house and ask me personally what's wrong. Lol what a joke.

Oh well back to being miserable. Don't even care anymore what's the point.