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2017-06-01 02:54:17 (UTC)

Later after the "outage"

I had a feeling something was going to have something was going to go wrong today. This afternoon while watching programs that I DVR, the cable went off. So, later on I realized the internet and phone was out too. The storm flew by quickly but the wind was hard and blew down some trees near here. That is the problem or was. The power was on and off and finally when they come to repair the broken lines, they cut it off for a couple hours. What fun that was. It was almost dark here when they cut it off. We got to use our lantern lights! Awesome. Can not wait to tell my brother in law how great they work....

Then the power came back on, the cable, phone and net too all at once. I logged onto facebook and one of my friends posted a photo of his house and how it is going on the market this summer. I had to comment and posted a link to my website asking him to get in touch if he needs me. Later I felt like a complete moron for doing that....needy. I would love to list that house. It will sell fast. I would have some money... I would really love to list it. It is in my ex friend's neighborhood....maybe her seeing my sign would get her to phone me?

I really need to close a deal or two to go to the beach or it looks like the beach is out. I am not going unless I make some dang money. Not spending what I got...I need to add too it not take away. Anyway....I really need some business.

Talked to the boss today. That friend of his with the 10 having floors put in. New ones. She is expecting a little more than we feel comfortable listing it for. But lucky for us, we have a new comp just right up the road from her that is almost the same as her house...maybe one more acre of we have something to show her....explaining the price. It is all about pricing. That other house went under contract in less than a week. Does she want to sell it or just have it sit on the market for a while? Price it to sell. Hoping my new information will help save the deal. We are not listing it at a too high price. Been there....done that.

I posted Denise's obit and some songs of Janis Joplin. I wanted everyone on facebook to read those comments about her....I am very sad
about her passing. I hate like hell I did not get to spend some time with her. I am going to have to own behavior.

I am turning into a homebody. I never see anyone. That needs to change.

I need to change.

Gonna try to work on that.....