The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-05-31 19:07:07 (UTC)

Why I'm Hurting & why I hate ALL men.

so, remember, when I had told you guys about my co worker travis from work? and i'm saying his name, because I want him to know how much he hurt me. and to see what a dick he really is. all though, in his head he probably did nothing wrong. and tries to make it seem like it's always m fault. cause you know he was such a "good friend" to me.

so let's begin.

When travis, and I, first started talking, everything was going smooth.
until, the day, he said that he just wanted friends with benefits from me.
Now, recently he had told me that he never said. but I remember the text message.
He said that he didn't want a relationship and that he just wanted friends with benefits.
and tries to make it seem like he never said that.
cause he's such a "good" guy. ha fucker I love how you try to make feel stupid! you stupid piece of shit!
anyways, when he had told me that. I of course had to tell him,
that I could have hpv.

After I had told him that. he never wanted to hang out. He didn't even try!
all he did was send me text messages. and when I did try to talk to him.
he made the conversations really short like he didn't seem interested when
I did try to start the conversation. And then he tried to play the victim card
and claimed that I always use him etc. when him and I NEVER HUNG OUT OUTSIDE OF WORK!!

he may have driven me home once or twice. but that was it.

he only seemed to talk to me when it was convienent for HIM. and then tried to make me feel guilty when I wouldnt respond to his text messages. sorry but i'm not wasting my breath on someone who only talks to me when they want to

I had deleted him from facebook page. because i started to see what kind of fake person he really was.
I recently check out his facebook page, and it said that he's in relationship with someone else. it
pissed me off, because he is willing to drop everything in a heart for some fat ass chick and her son,
in another state and work hard for them. but he couldn't take time out of his day to come see me,
and I live like maybe 15-20 minutes away!!!!!

LIKE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved how he poses pictures with him and his fat ass girlfriend to make it seem like he's this
down to earth caring guy. but couldn't even be there for me when I needed it most!
and he claims to be this "christian" man. PFFFFT! YA RIGHT! A REAL Christian,
wouldn't cast me aside like some diseased freak. they would take them,
and try to help them! BUT NO!! GOD doesn't want me to be treated right.

I love how try to make it seem like you're this good guy by dating some incredibly ugly fat chick
and making it look like you're this "father" figure when you told me you didnt want any kids becuase of your age
you're a two face liar and I saw right through that. and once I couldn't give you what you wanted
you just talked to me to make it seem like you were doing the right thing. but you werent.

Have fun pretending to be a good guy to this fat chick and her son you piece of shit.

i know the real you, and let me tell you something if you're god is real, he would cast you aside,
before me.