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2017-05-31 15:58:31 (UTC)

Wednesday's news

So, since the doctor told me on Thursday that he would have the results of blood work on Friday, I was expecting to hear something by now.
So, today, I called the office. The girl told me that they do not have results yet, to give it a couple more days. Okay least I know they did not loose my blood. I am still uncomfortable with pain...nothing much has changed. I guess after a while of feeling like this, it becomes the norm, and you feel no different, there is nothing much to report on. Wish I felt a little better.

I suppose most of you can tell I have no one to count on or to talk too about anything. So, when I feel alone, concerned, or troubled about something, I come here to you. I like it this way. So, Kathy Griffin may as well shot herself in the head. Her career is over. She is losing endorsements already. Personally I think she should be thrown in jail. Who in the hell thinks it is okay to pose and post a photo like that on line? It was not funny. She had a hateful look on her face as though she had just cut off our Presidents head. In most countries in this world, she would be dead today. No court. Just killed on the spot...maybe tortured some first. I think 5 years in jail with no Botox would cause her to kill herself.

My husband's brother calls here a lot. He is not well and like me has no one to talk too. He does not even use the internet. At least I got that. My husband however will sometimes not answer the phone. When asked why; he offers the explanation that he did not feel like talking, or he just talked to him yesterday or he does not feel the need to talk to him so much. I understand this to some degree as I got sick of talking on the phone with my ex friend who would call and never stop talking for hours. It became very annoying. I got to the point that seeing her name on my caller ID caused a panic attack. But his brother is sick. I asked him what if he needs you? He can leave a message. But by not answering the phone, he calls right back...maybe feeling like he could have died the wrong number. There have been times, that he called back all afternoon...and my husband just out of spite or something did not answer the phone. I think him calling that much is a cry for help, but unless he leaves a message, my husband does not think so.

I also think that my husband who sleeps late, gets up, sprawls out on the sofa watching MURRAY, JUDGE JUDY...STEVE....all those stupid Jerry Springer type shows that come on during the day.....and does nothing much else but ask what do you want for dinner today? That is getting old.....

Yesterday, he measured my toilet. He claims that he is going to go pick up new taller toilets for both bathrooms....a new toilet was supposed to be my damn Christmas present for 2016. I do not mention it. But a toilet is not something I was dreaming about receiving from him as a gift. At my age, it is more of a necessity than a "gift". Do not worry guys. My feelings rarely get "hurt" anymore. I feel like over the years, they have been worn down to no existence at no feelings inside is like being dead inside but it does protect us from being hurt.

Anyway, this is my rant, my update for today.

I have not heard from the boss or my weeks....and no one has called from the post cards I mailed out.

I am beginning to feel like a complete loser.