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2017-05-30 20:08:23 (UTC)

RIP Denise

I was feeling so bad that only three of us had committed on her obit. Then today I go there to check one more time and saw
that Representative SUE MYRICK had said some very sweet things and one other person who also worked in that office in
Washington DC mentioned more about her accomplishments and kind heart. I am feeling much better now....and know that
she would be so proud that my own daughter has chosen to go into politics too.


I will order flowers this week to have sent to the church on Saturday.

People come into our lives and out for many reasons. Denise had passions to protect unborn children and help starving children around the world to helping the poor here around us. I am proud to have known her way back when we thought we knew everything....
Very proud she worked for one of my favorite woman politicians ever. Sue Myrick is why my daughter is working so hard....