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2017-05-30 18:36:51 (UTC)

Colourful fridge

Hi there!

The weather is not so great today. Once again, it is grey and drizzly. Sometimes when I am at home for a few days I feel really miserable. However, today I am feeling fine.

The fridge is full again. It makes so happy when I see it colorful. For lunch, we had roasted chicken. My daughter helped me by washing up the dishes. I am still doing some laundry. Tomorrow, I intend to vacuum the house. Maybe I should do it today but I am feeling tired though.

We had a delicious breakfast at the supermarket. I just love to sit down and have a hot cup of coffee.

I spoke with my husband but he wasn't very chatty this afternoon. He said he didn't have any news. In my opinion, he seemed bored. It has been difficult for us. But I don't lose my hopes. I usually get a bit upset because of the lack of money. It is difficult to get out and enjoy life if money is short. But I try to budget my income but it is not easy with a daughter to raise. I had to overspend this month because her nail was growing in the skin and she had to see a podiatrist. So, I had to buy medicine and so on.

My life is on hold at the moment... But I make a promise, I will wait just enough... I mean, what I have to wait. Otherwise, I should move on with my life.

Anyway, I'd better get busy.

Good energy to all of us!