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2017-05-29 22:38:05 (UTC)

Monday again...more rain

The thunder storm allowed the day to be lovely until the bottom fell out around 15 after 6pm. I was glad that I was able to get out of here for a ride to check out some property my son told me about. I could work for the CIA. He just gave me the place where these people work and they are siblings who own the building. I had a folder this morning with everyone of them and addresses. So, today I took a ride. I found the one in question and decided to wait till they call me. I hope my son misunderstood what the guy said. It is no where close to the price he wants. But we shall see if he calls. I did not even feel like addressing post cards to mail out today.

I did visit the funeral home website...and made a comment. Only three people have commented. I hope it that changes tomorrow. Tomorrow night is visitation. Funeral is Saturday. Something is odd about the entire thing. No mention of brother or son. The name they are using is not the name she was using....and no mention of any current or ex. Just odd. Not sure if they were just upset with her or what. But only three people commenting is sad enough. I do not want to know much more.

Time may reveal the answers but for now, I will be happy to be alive myself. And hope that I could possibly have one more guardian angel.